Journey of an Adoptee – Part V

by Patrick Armstrong | Published January 12, 2021
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With holiday season upon us, I thought this was an appropriate picture.

I just wanted to say how honored and humbled I am for all the support y’all have shown me as I’ve shared my story publicly for the first time. It might be bits and pieces, but I’ve received both comments and dm’s that have really made me feel like my story matters.

It’s been unsurprisingly difficult to properly manage the many emotions I’ve been dealing with this month. Going through my records, reading new books, engaging with the adoptee community, and then trying to summarize that into a succinct and relevant piece has caused me to self-reflect in a way I never have before. In doing so, I find myself fighting with my inner being frequently.

Something I’ve realized in all of this is that I’m still the kid in this picture, searching endlessly for acceptance. As much as I can tell myself I’m over that and I don’t need it, I still find myself yearning for that feeling.

I’ll be unpacking for a long time. The adoptee community has made doing that so much easier than I could have ever asked for. If you find yourself in need of some help unpacking, send me a message. If you find yourself in need of a conversation, also send me a message.

And if you find yourself in Indianapolis in 2021.5 when we can all be outside maybe (hopefully), also send me a message here and maybe we can meet up!

Thank you all, with love.


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