Welcome to the Janchi, We’ve got fun and games.

by Patrick Armstrong | Published November 29, 2020
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This is not a test post; it’s the real deal.

Patrick here! We’ve finally gone live with our website, gathering all our Janchi Show content under our own roof. It’s nice in here.

If you’re just stumbling across us for the first first time, welcome! We aim to be a place for fellow Korean Adoptees to celebrate our shared Korean heritage, as well as a safe space to learn about both Korean & Adoptee culture. We talk food. We talk drink. We talk to other Korean Adoptees about food and drink. It’s a real party!

Make sure to hop on Facebook and join our Janchi Show Afterparty group. It’s a place for all our fans, fams, and friends can hang out and engage with each other. We’ll have polls, giveaways, bonus content, and more happening over there, so make sure to join!

Once again, thanks for stopping by. If you’re interested in coming on the show, drop us a line at janchishow@justlikemedia.com.

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