Journey of an Adoptee – Part VI

by Patrick Armstrong | Published January 19, 2021
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I recently applied for a DNA testing kit through @official325kamra, and was lucky enough to be approved for one. It will be here soon and with it, another step forward on this journey.

I feel both anxiously excited and nervously hesitant about this next step. The results, whatever they may be, represent a shift in my story and will have a major impact on my narrative. With everything I’ve been unpacking lately, that notion is wholly terrifying.

Am I ready for something like this?

For a long time, I’d convinced myself that I never needed to know my biological parents. I told myself I was good—what purpose would it serve for me to do that? What am I gaining out of all this?

It was not until I heard fellow @janchishow co-host @nowackphoto’s story on @dearasianamericans that I ever considered the possibility of having biological siblings searching for me. Or that siblings might even exist. Or that maybe I really did need some closure by finding out more about my biological parents.

My adoptive parents have always been encouraging when it comes to at least doing a DNA test, let alone a full-on birth search. My mom practically insists on getting me a kit every year, but I’ve resisted.

However, turning 30 this year, getting married next year, and starting this chapter of my life has caused me to think about my health history, which I know none of, and this has naturally led to the desire to find out more about that part of me.

I can’t say what I’ll do with the information I get. I’ll share as much as I can, when I can, and when I’ve had the proper amount of time to process—but for those following this specific journey, thank you for your support, your encouraging words, and your inspiration.

With love.


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